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How we work

How we work

Belle is there for (ex-)sex workers and victims of human trafficking, despite gender, work form or status. And for people who don’t recognise themselves in the term sex worker, but do have questions. For us, it doesn’t matter where you work or in which form you work. You can come to us without waiting list, for free information, advice and help.

Our help is broad. Maybe you have questions about finances or you are looking for another home. Maybe you would rather do different work. It can also be that you want help for trauma processing or you want to get rid of your addiction. We can support you with finding the right help. We don’t offer treatments, but we refer you to other organizations.


Permanent contact person

When after our initial interview, you would like to come more often, you will get a permanent contact person. With this person you make agreements about how often you will meet. Our help to you is voluntary. We feel it’s important to work together with you on your goals.

If you want, your contact person can come to meetings with organizations. Sometimes we work together with organizations. You don’t speak Dutch or English? Then we use a telephone interpreter.

“When I had clients I could share that with her without her judging me. You don’t see that with other caregivers. They see it as dirty. With her, I can talk about sex and my sexual needs. Other caregivers judge that. She didn’t disapprove when I had clients. She doesn’t talk me down” – quote sex worker



At Belle we work with confidants. Sex workers can tell their story anonymously. They can for example talk about a bad experience or if they feel mistreated by an organization. Also when you are not a sex worker, but you are worried about someone, you can come to us. For example because of a possible unsafe situation or bad working conditions.



Are you in doubt whether we can help?

Ask us, we would love to meet you. If it turns out you can better be helped elsewhere, we know the way and arrange it for you.