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Quitting sex work

Quitting sex work

Do you want to quit sex work or do you have your doubts? Do you no longer enjoy your work, or do you not work voluntarily, you don’t earn enough or have other reasons? If you think about quitting sex work, then we can help you look at other possibilities and your wishes.



We can support you with:

  • Finding other work, making a CV, and applying for jobs.
  • Finding out what educational options there are. Dutch lessons or a study for example.
  • Getting financial support, if needed and possible.
  • Finding safe or cheaper housing if your current housing situation is too expensive or not safe.
  • Filing a police report or figuring out what support you are entitled to if you do not work voluntarily. Income support or shelter are some of the things we could help with. The choice to file a police report or not, lies with you.

At the moment you want to quit sex work it can sometimes be a tough choice and bring up a variety of emotions. This is why we offer psycho-social support. If you feel like you need other support, we know who can help and are there to help you find the right support.

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