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Our organisation

Our organisation

Belle is there for all (ex-)sex workers and victims of human trafficking in the district of Utrecht and Gooi and Vechtstreek. We strive that every sex worker has the freedom and safety to make their own choices. So they can organize their live as they wish.


Our team

The team at Belle consists of a diverse group of involved professionals, social workers and an experience expert.

Experience expert

One of our professionals is an ‘experience expert’. She contributes her own experience of sex work to the advice and support delivered by Belle. Our experience expert is someone who can give recognition and acknowledgement to your process. She knows like no other to deal with deal with the situations you come across as a sex worker. You can talk to all our employees without shame, but an experience expert sometimes makes this easier.

Career coach

Our career coach motivates and supports clients on a personal and accessible manner to (different) work, an education or suiting daytime activities. To do this, there are relevant external contacts on the areas of work and income and activation. The career coach also works as a source of information for the other employees of Belle on the area of career coaching.


Advocacy: SWAD

SWAD is an alliance of 22 initiatives and organizations who work together to reduce the stigma around sex work. Belle is one of these organizations.

The alliance consists of sex work organizations, (social) care initiatives from the 4 major cities (G4) and Tilburg municipality, human rights, and public health organisations. Together we aim to strengthen the awareness of sex work among government, create a more nuanced image of sex workers, create adequate sex work laws and a stronger sex work community.
More about SWAD


De Tussenvoorziening

Belle is part of de Tussenvoorziening.