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Belle organizes training in several topics. On this page, you see our offer.


Resilience training

In the training ‘Ontdek je kracht’ you will work towards (more) physical and mental resilience. The training will make you more aware of your body, your posture, emotions, and reactions. You will develop more self-confidence and confidence in your own strengths. You will learn to make your own choices and set your own boundaries. You will learn to deal with threatening situations. You will also learn to be aware of and claim your personal space. The training uses role-playing, physical exercises, resilience, and relaxation exercises, to name a few.

For whom?

This training is provided for everyone of 18 and older who would like to become more resilient, and are not struggling with addiction. We aim to get the best group compositions.

After you apply, we discuss what you would like to learn and if that’s possible in this training.


The training is offered once a year in Utrecht and once a year in Amersfoort.

Interested in the training?

Contact us for more information.