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Do you work in the sex industry? Or do you have questions related to this? Then we can help you.


We are Tessa Nagels and Charlotte van Maarschalkerweerd. We work at Belle, part of De Tussenvoorziening. We are experienced in helping and supporting sex workers and are confidants.


Who can contact us?

Anyone who has had something to do with sex work, can contact us. So, when you are or were a sex worker, or if you think of doing that and you saw or lived through something you would like to share. Or maybe you would just like to ask for advice,

Also people who are in one way or the other related to sex work are welcome, like clients, operators, family members or other relatives.

For what can you contact us?

Sex work is work. You should be free to make your own decisions and work under good working conditions. You have the right to make your own choices with whom, when, and where you work and certainly what you do. But also in this sector there are abuses. Or there can be other topics you would like to talk ot us about:

  • Maybe you or your colleague have been through something at work you don’t feel good about.
  • Or you have questions about the safety of someone.
  • It could be that, as a client of a sex worker, you have dealt with or seen something bad and you would like to discuss it.
  • Are you worried about a family member that works as a sex worker?
  • Or are you doubting to be one yourself?
  • Maybe you have other questions, you would like to complain about something that happened or you would just like to vent your story. If that’s the case, we are happy to help.

What can you expect?

We can advise and support you. We are independant and our conversations are without obligation and confidential: we don’t registrate our talks. If you want, you can stay anonymous. We can call, but WhatsApping or emailing is also possible. Also we can meet up somewhere. We could do that at our office at the Socrateslaan 62 in Utrecht, but also somewhere else where you feel good.

How can you reach us?

Telephonenumber: 06 – 537 118 79, ask for the confidant. You will get to talk to Tessa or Charlotte.


Address: Socrateslaan 62  3522 Utrecht

Contact with a confident in:


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