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Our organisation

Our organisation

Belle is here for all (ex) sex workers and victims of human trafficking in the region of Utrecht and Gooi & Vechtstreek. We offer support and guidance to improve their quality of life. Belle strives to make sure every sex worker has the freedom and safety to make their own choices. For us, sex work is work. We do not shutter ourselves from the problems and abuse that occurs. With our support, cooperation and part in the removal of stigma, we can address abuse and improve the lives of sex workers.

Our team

The team at Belle consists of a diverse group of involved professionals, social workers and an experience expert.

Experience expert

One of our professionals is an ‘experience expert’. She contributes her own experience of sex work to the advice and support delivered by Belle.
Our experience expert is someone who can give recognition and acknowledgement to your process. She knows like no other to deal with deal with the situations you come across as a sex worker. You can talk to all our employees without shame, but an experience expert sometimes makes this easier.

How we work

We offer a wide range of support. Maybe you have financial questions or are looking for a new place to live. You may be looking for a career change. You may also need support working through a (past) trauma or want to get rid of your addiction. In that case we can help you find the right support. We do not offer any treatments but will point you to organisations that do.

Set contact

If after our initial conversation you would like to come more regularly, you will get a set contact. You will agree with this person when you see each other. Getting our support is voluntary. We think it is important to work together towards your goals. These goals are always set by you.

If you would like, your contact can join you if you have appointments with other organisations. Sometimes we can work with other organisations around you. If you don’t speak Dutch or English we will use a translator via the phone.

Wondering if we can help you?

Come and talk to us, we would love to meet you. If we think you can get better support elsewhere, we know the way and will sort that out for you.

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Advocacy: SWAD

SWAD is an alliance of 22 initiatives and organisations who work together to reduce the stigma around sex work, Belle is one of these organisations.
The alliance consists of sex work organisations, (social) care initiatives from the 4 major cities (G4) and Tilburg council, human rights, and public health organisations. Together we aim to strengthen the awareness of sex work among government, create a more nuanced image of sex workers, create adequate sex work laws and a stronger sex work community.
More about SWAD