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Language lessons and training

Language lessons and training

Dutch lessons

On Monday mornings we provide a Dutch language course at the beginner level.

These lessons help with:

  • Improved technical reading
  • Improved understanding of written language
  • Improved study skills
  • Enlarging vocabulary


The Dutch lessons are at our Center for sexworkers at the Vleutenseweg (across from number 477) in Utrecht.

Want to participate?

You don’t have to register. You are welcome to come and have a look. Or contact us for more information.

Resilience training

In the Rots en Water training you will work towards (more) physical and mental resilience. The training will make you more aware of your body, your posture, emotions, and reactions. You will develop more self-confidence and confidence in your own strengths. You will learn to make your own choices and set your own boundaries. You will learn to deal with threatening situations. You will also learn to be aware of and claim your personal space. The training uses role-playing, physical exercises, resilience, and relaxation exercises, to name a few.

For whom?

This training is delivered under the condition that attendees are not addicts and not actively working as sex workers.


The training is delivered in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

Interested in the training?

Contact us for more information.